Rainbow Bridge Song

Our First Rescue Sheltie – Sophie

Sophie came to us as our 6th Sheltie girl at the age of 2-1/2 just as we were retiring. She came to us shortly after Mother’s Day after we lost sweet Cameo at nearly 16. She came with a bag of balls and every night was playtime! We tossed balls, played tug and watched her amazing fetching and catching ability. As she approached 14-1/2 life slowed down and play wasn’t as important. We put it off to the 4 teeth she needed to lose in January and the arthritis in her left knee. On the Thursday before Mother’s Day when her breathing was labored we didn’t think much of it but called Dr. Sammy the next morning. He was busy but his associate immediately saw her and it wasn’t good—-anemia and no air getting to her lungs which should have looked black on the x-ray and were totally white with nodules in them. The awful but best decision for Sophie had to be made and two days before Mother’s Day, almost exactly 12 years from losing Cameo, Sophie went to join her at the Rainbow Bridge. Sophie had her own book, Sophie Tales and her own Facebook page with 700+ friends. She also took a large piece of my heart with her. At our age, we weren’t sure we’d even have another dog much less a Sheltie girl. Sophie had other plans for us I think and sent J J to help heal my heart!


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